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PRICE 3,000yen


※尚、シーシャには少量のニコチンが入っております。 故意または過失に関わらずお客様による機器の転倒や炭を触った事で起きた事故に関して、当店と販売元は責任を負いかねますので御了承下さい。


Shisha which gather the great attention in clubs all over the world came from Dubai to G3 club.

Please enjoy special time at G3 with Shasha.

PRICE : 3,000yen

You can blend tequila, vodka, red wine and other alcoholic beverages in Shisha’s water for an additional 500 yen.

*Shisha has a small amount of the nicotine.Please note that our shops a nd sellers can not assume the responsibility fo r any accident caused by falling of the equipment o r touching coal regardless of the deliberate o r the negligence.