Dear all customers About the closing of G3

Dear all customers About the closing of G3

We thank you for kindness and daily support.

We appreciate you for joining our “G3 LAST DANCE” which was held as our final party during our last few business days.

G3 has been supported by many foreigners including visitors from overseas. We have tried our best to satisfy customers by providing the opportunity to interact and communicate with multinational customers. We hope our services such as music, drinks and dancing played an important role.

We also apologize for the inconvenience during the closing due to the pandemic. The decrease of foreign tourists and our closing caused us a serious damage. But unfortunately, we were not able to overcome the impact of COVID-19. Every single staffs and people who are involved to the club worked hard, however, COVID-19 was unbeatable.

Despite of the result, we really appreciate our customers who joined the “G3 LAST DANCE”. Although we weren’t able to serve foreign customers, we were still able to provide a special moment to our Japanese customers who showed love to G3 all the time. The kindess of every customer impressed us an encouraged us in many ways.

We truly realized the love from our precious customers during the past few days. Our wish to restart G3 in the near future has become a strong one.

Lastely, we are still looking forward to see you again. From now on, G3 will take a break to come back as the most powerful club nobody has ever seen. We also hope to meet our foreign customers again.

We will try our best to restart G3. Thank you for your endeless support and showing love. We hope to see you again.

Thank you.
See you soon.